Finsec associates was founded as an organisation to develop standards within financial securities and create bridges between fiat and strategically chosen digital currencies

Finsec Associates

Finsec Associates is a London based organisation consisting of finance based trade partners as well as captains of industry operating within asset management, enterprise blockchain technology, financial technology, challenge banking, defi trading and other institutional and enterprise financial services.

Finsec associates is currently performing research and development to bridge the knowledge gap between blockchain, AI/ML through to AML/KYC and tokenised assets, also the finsec resources gap between fiat and digital currencies.

  • Finsec associates connects with audits groups & project managers to appriase their products and services, then providing scalability towards the token securities markets.
  • Finsec associates are deployed to reduce development costs via their knowledge and experience surrounding blockchain fintech and finsec open source tools and platforms.
  • Finsec associates seeks out the correct tokenised securities partners and introduces digital transformation processes for new revenue creation and efficency saving towards asset management groups.

Finsec Associates membership allows companies, organisations and individuals to join initiatives, development programs and specific projects to create international change within the finance industry.

Open AI is revolutionary for institutional finance, tokenised currencies and overall asset management, we have performed extensive R&D and we are ready to provide organisations with a transistional consulting service utilising Open AI’s array of services.

Visa Token Service was launched to facilitate one trillion US dollars ($1 trillion) in e-commerce transactions. What is unique about VTS is its digital and mobile payments technology also it tackles privacy and security within transactions, utilising blockchain.

Mastercard entered the blockchain in 2017, partnering banks and merchants to build secure, transparent, scalable and easily auditable web tools and mobile apps. Their API is available at Mastercard Developers, offering support to Finsec’s Associates.

Nasdaq has a marketplace technology to assist digital assets and traditional asset classes to benefit from decades of capital markets experience, while operating their 18 exchanges, CCP, and CSD, as well as providing technology to 130+ global organisations.

Finsec Associates

Finsec Associates offers expertise in financial securities, whether tokenised assets or/and institutional models, we assist to create co-operation between these two forms of financial management, encouraging digital transformation in both traditional and digital asset classes.


BTC Mobile

Bitcoin Mobile is a mobile and online application for trading ETFs, ETNs, ETPs as a standalone proposition, offering newly formed BTCv2 as a tradable EFT and as a Bitcoin powered and managed asset.

ETH Exchange

Ethereum exchanges, with access to a software as a service and to a Ethereum development community including a list of global exchange contacts offering trading solutions for fiat and encrypted currencies.


Finsec Associates utilises USDT for blockchain access to a secure cold storage wallet inbuilt into a mobile application, serving users seeking a dollar based eco-system as entry into the tokenised economy.


Polygon is a blockchain with a trading bridge towards other blockchains capabilities, with a robust Ethereum powered ecosystem, capable of tokenised trade, asset swaps, including decentralised finance and NFTs.

Institutional Partners

Finsec Associates has UHNWI's, HNWI's, family offices, trusts, finance law firms, investment bankers, wealth and asset managers, hedge funders, and development finance operatives who can build out ways to improve on securities standards.