Finsec associates was founded as an organisation to develop standards within financial securities and create bridges between fiat and strategically chosen digital currencies

Finsec Associates

Finsec Associates is a London based organisation of trade partners and captains of industry operating within enterprise blockchain technology, fintech, banking and financial services.

Finsec associates is currently performing research and development surrounding machine learning, quantum computing and artificial intelligence. Finsec Associates are advocates of AML/KYC and will bridge the knowledge gap concerning private/public blockchains, with acute CBDC IP and project management abilities capable of filling the financial securities resources gap between fiat currency and digital currencies.

  • Finsec audits groups & projects confirming product and service scalability within the securities market.
  • Finsec expects to reduce development costs via open source tools and pre-built SaaS platforms.
  • Finsec will seek out the correct partners and introduce groups to each other.
  • Finsec Associates can develop CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) via its in-house partners

Finsec Associates membership allows companies, organisations and individuals to join project managed initiatives, development programs and specific programs to foster future progress within the global finance and fintech industry.

Finsec Associates

Finsec Associates has relationships with premier legal firms, investment banks, family offices, wealth management firms, hedge funds, finance managers and connects them with fintech/insuretech SPs, blockchain operatives, trade instruments/platforms/tools and asset based digital securities, our developers build out ways to improve standards and deliver more effeciency towards financial securities.

BTC Mobile Trust

BTC Mobile Trust is a trade option within the BTC Mobile application, which is used for trading Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin related trade instruments. Finsec Associates' advisory services was appointed to perform compliance, regulatory approval and to form alliance with a local bank and to assist the launch BTC related instruments; including BTCv2, a WBTC merchant service and a BTCv2 Futures contract.

London Crypto

London Crypto utilised Finsec Associates services while developing its exchange business, including an generator and digital currency trade community, Finsec associates advisory tackled the compliance issues surrounding, what was a series of locally based regional exchanges, offering decentralised and trustless trading solutions for fiat and encrypted currencies to users from across the globe.

Bitcoin DAO

Bitcoin DAO is an institutional goverance portal for Bitcoin, founded by Bitcoin developers, Blockchain consultants, Banking software providers, with Finsec associates as advisors surrounding 'technology forks' during the launch of BTCv2 as a (non-fork) alternative to BTC, offering users a secure cold storage wallet (using BTC Mobile), serving users with zero energy mining, intitutional onboarding as well as KYC/AML compliant payments.


The Finsec Associates has funded the Bank Token platform for generating stable coin and CBDC projects, to form regulatory introductions surrounding the launch of stable currency, as a digital financial instrument which allows members to invest in a stable tangible asset backed token. GBPP is pegged 1:1 with the value of the UK pound, as developed by our partners; creators of Bank Token, Bankscript and Bankwith.